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Cerpintxt is the solo multidisciplinary project of Egyptian artist Alaa Yousry. Some of her projects underway include a noir-jazz album of interpretations of Egyptian ballads, a semi-improvisational synesthesia-inducing musical game system on the fragmentation and decontextualizion of memories, site-specific works in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula and Serabit El Khadim, ethnic heritage projects documenting music of the East Sinai Bedouin tribes, and neuroscience research on an interactive-music consciousness intervention for comatose patients.

Wooden Hut

She has performed in Cafe Oto, Electric Brixton, EGG, IKLECTIK, Shelter, Number 27, with tours in Thailand and Indonesia. Her work has been reviewed by The Wire, The Quietus, Mixmag, and DJ Mag She has a radio show on Radio and Root Radio, and performs regularly on Radio Alhara, Threads Radio, Ma3azef, Resonance FM, and She is currently curating her own night titled ‘Boundary Condition’, an event investigating the parallelisation between noir-jazz, hauntology, and music concrete as nostalgia-centric sonic practices.


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