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after me, the deluge

After Me, The Deluge

After Me, The Deluge: Videos

Before Me, Oceans

one and the same everywhere

before the breath, we all laid naked and bare in the ocean of her womb.

a symbiotic existence where the “I” ceases to subsist, allowing only for total absorption in the moment. 

The mother makes another introduction

I am in her grip now

The calm, pure, silent unawakened scream

This image has a powerful inner coherence, it has its own wholeness and, in addition, a relatively high degree of autonomy, so that it is subject to the control of the conscious mind to only a limited extent, and therefore behaves like an animated foreign body in the sphere of consciousness.

Oceanic feelings come in two distinct forms:

1. as transient episodes that consist in a feeling of dissolution of boundaries of the self, and

2. as relatively permanent feelings of unity, embracement, immanence, and openness that do not involve occurrent experiences of boundary dissolution.

The feeling could engender the special belief that “we cannot fall out of this world”, which might provide some consolation in the face of harsh reality

This ocean provided indisputable knowledge about the nature of self-world relations, and by virtue of this was non-dogmatically religious in itself

It comes in two’s; I do not know where I end and you begin, neither do I care to.

And then, the noise

The turbulence

I remember hearing it through the thick wall,

“Suffering is purificatory”

“it would be naïve to suppose that people who reach this state of peace maintain it uninterruptedly or forever. If life is to continue, one cannot linger for ever in a state of oceanic tranquility.

It is in the nature of emotions to be felt episodically; they tend to wax and wane in conscious experience

Every time you give birth to yourself, you, too, will bleed.

After Me, The Deluge

The body subject imagines the world as directed towards him. He calibrates all questionings to his earthly measures, derives expectations, miscommunicates it through language, and then stands at awe as to why he keeps falling out.

The ocean has drowned me and spat me out so I reclaimed myself; I only needed the skin to begin with.

I am integral. I am continuous. I am an I, now. An eye now, my beholder.

I am without her in my name. My own being, I

انا ومن بعدي الطوفان

After Me, The Deluge

There is another life and it is in this one

The process of birth can be difficult, confrontational

Essentially, it is disintegration

The type that seeks to disrupt our intuitive feeling of contact with the eternal

Inter alia, as “deposits of the constantly repeated experiences of humanity” grounded in the peculiarities of the living organism itself and therefore direct expressions of life whose nature cannot be further explained”

Few hours after conception; The zygote, which has already divided several times receives a chemical signal from the mother that tells it that it is situated in the fallopian tube.

The skin is the first organ of perception to develop.

Through its sensation function, the fetus builds a neuronal picture of the surface and boundaries of its own body.

This enables a sense or feeling of physical integrity and continuity, which in turn is a condition for the development of a personal identity which as an “I” distinguishes itself, on this basic uterine level, from the mother.

This experience can be described as a rudimentary form of self-perception, a precursor to self-consciousness.

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