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 The piece is also an audiovisual reinterpretation permutating found footage and clips from Rebecca Horn, Sergei Parajanov and Maya Deren’s work to mirror a loosely narrated projection of the audible materiality of this terrain of voices.

منفي - Cafe Oto 07/2021

'منفي' (exile) is a hauntological deconstruction of the work of the palestinian resistance poet Izz al-Din Manasirah, hybridised with some of Cerpintxt’s poetry exploring a form of sonic activism against the weaponisation of love in Egypt. Where misogyny is a cultivated form of political distraction, intergenerational ideological mutations perpetuate a hypernormalized limbo of collective detachment from fragility. To interfere with these accumulative distortions, she stitches chopped up fragments of what might have been, as prosthetic sentiments. 

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Cerpintxt & Ruben Sonnoli
Boundary Condition 02/2022

Cerpintxt & Ruben Sonnoli is a collaborative performance focused in darkjazz with hyperromantic undertones. Using wind instruments, piano, vocals, tape, hydrophones and modular synthesis, the duo recontextualize jazz in a post-Lynchian limbo. Alongside it, the flickering scenarios and found sounds of Musique Concrète, and inert cyclicality of hauntological loops.

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